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Since being launched in 2003 Selfbuilder & Homemaker has become an increasingly wide-ranging and valuable resource for self builders and building professionals involved in self build and major renovation projects across the UK. Beginning as a bi-monthly print-only magazine Selfbuilder & Homemaker has expanded its portfolio to stay on top of the ongoing and ever-increasing digital era. Now offering digital issues, a comprehensive press release archive website, fortnightly email newsletters and a digital marketing service, as well as the standard bi-monthly print publication, Selfbuilder & Homemaker knows just how to provide the most relevant information of interest to self builders. Read more below on the individual elements of the Selfbuilder & Homemaker portfolio.

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Magazine in Print
Selfbuilder & Homemaker is published bi-monthly and mailed to a controlled ABC audited circulation of approximately 10,000. This circulation guarantees coverage of individuals who already have planning permission for a selfbuild or major renovation project within the UK, including selfbuilders, habitual selfbuilders, designers and architects who specifically work within the thriving selfbuild market. Selfbuilder & Homemaker is the only selfbuild magazine not only distributed direct to the selfbuilder, but also the architectural and design community responsible for selbuild projects. The selfbuild market is ever increasing; with over 20,000 selfbuilders obtaining planning permission every year, it makes it one of the fastest growing markets across the many building sectors. Selfbuilder & Homemaker fulfils their need to be regularly informed and updated with new products, procedures and legislation.

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Digital Issue
The digital issue of Selfbuilder & Homemaker provides all the same content as the print issue with the added advantage of being instantly available whenever and wherever you have access to the internet. In addition to its ease of access the digital issue of Selfbuilder & Homemaker gives direct links to advertisers, allowing the reader to go through to a potential supplier's website with the simple click of a mouse.

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www.sbhonline.eu, the Selfbuilder & Homemaker website, is an online provider of past and present products and news items for the selfbuilder, designer or architect. Regularly updated with hundreds of press releases sbhonline.eu is a one-stop source for all the latest press releases providing any visitor with access to information about products and services that they may require for their project as well as news relevant to selfbuild projects.

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Email Newsletter
Emailed on a fortnightly basis the Selfbuilder & Homemaker newsletter is designed to provide selfbuilders, designers and architects with the latest information on products and services of interest, direct to their inbox. The reader can quickly gather a snapshot of information from 12 carefully selected companies and easily follow links through to further information on the www.sbhonline.eu, or go direct to the company's own website. Brochures and videos are also regularly available.

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Solus Email Marketing

Putting to full use more than 20 years of business-to-business publishing experience netMAGmedia are now offering a digital marketing service in the form of Solus newsletters. Solus newsletters are a bespoke marketing campaign targeted at an audience of architects, specifiers, housebuilders, developers, housing associations, selfbuilders and other building professionals. A free in-house design service is offered to enable every element of the newsletter to be customised and ensure maximum impact on the inboxes of the target audience. One week after the newsletter is sent the advertiser will be notified of all individuals who have shown interest in the campaign allowing them to monitor it's progress as well as follow up on leads.

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